Who’s Next? [Pic]

*Khaddafi Gaddafi.

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  1. Can't believe in 2011 people are still joking about internet explorer being a poor browser!
    These are the same people who are still using Windows XP. Enough said!

    (I did laugh a little bit though)

    • XP's actually ok for day-to-day use with all the service packs, patches, and updates… I recently reinstalled it on my mum's netbook & it runs much better than 7 would on the ~4 year old hardware…

      Only problem is she's used to Internet Explorer, so I had to put IE8 on there :-/

    • I am pissed off beyond belief with IE9. I used to be a defender of all things IE, but no more. Switching camps. And I have bleeding edge hardware self-built desktop, work PC, HTPC, laptop, and my wife's laptop. All running IE9, all exhibiting one or another set of issues. I'm cooked on defending it. Time for Chrome.

    • Wrong. IE9 is a pretty decent browser and one that I would certainly recommend people upgrade to. Its not as fast as Chrome or have all the plugins of Firefox, but its tightly integrated with a lot of Microsoft products, especially if you're working with SharePoint 2010. Anyone that knows anything about computers would see that IE has come a long way and the forced competition from Chrome has helped Microsoft realize that they need to rework IE. I'm excited to see what IE10 brings.

      What's funny is that my choice of browsers are as follows:

      1) Chrome
      2) IE9
      3) Firefox

      Before I disliked Firefox's slowness and constant breaking of my plugins, it was:

      1) Firefox
      2) Chrome
      3) Opera
      4) All versions of IE

      • Wrong. IE9 IS a pretty decent browser, but to put it on par with any other major browser is not knowing what you're talking about. Yes, it has come a long way. It's infinitely closer to it's competitors than it has been since the old Browser Wars in the mid-late 90's. But as you say, it's not as fast as Chrome (or, supposedly with FF9, Firefox) or have the plugin options of Firefox. Also, lets not forget the memory footprint of Opera (or, supposedly with FF9, Firefox). Oh, and as for integration, sure, if you're using some of the lesser known/used software from MS, you might have some use for IE. Personally, the only time I use IE is when I'm running windows update on an older box, or if I'm testing a website I'm building.

        Lets put it this way, do you applaud when the kid a burger king DOESN'T spit in your food? No? Then don't applaud IE9, because all it really does is bring IE out of the realm of "it would be laughably pathetic if it hadn't gone on so damn long". Oh, and by the way, the fact that you put Firefox behind IE9 in your list of browsers tells me all I need to know about your opinions on this subject.

        All of this said, I'm interested in seeing what MS does with IE10, too.

        • So you've pretty much confirmed everything I've said but in a much more condescending, "I'm on a high horse, I'm going to insult you" response. IE9 is a decent browser – point. It's built-in dev tools are slightly less intuitive than Chrome's and I certainly don't need a plugin that may or may not break upon every iteration. I still have Firefox…version 3.5 because that's the only version that my current Section 508 plugin tool would work on. The issue I have with Firefox is its poor construction – not every upgrade should break the plugins installed. With Chrome, its virtually nonexistent. With IE9, its not an issue. Firefox, on the other hand, forces upgrades on the plugin developers and with rapid release schedules that are bound to break plugins, why should a developer invest their time?

          I don't know how FF is nowadays with its performance over time, but its no longer my browser of choice. Even the developers at my workplace prefer Chrome over Firefox because of its compatibility and silent updates. I'm not saying IE in general is a great browser. Its terrible to work with, hackers target it for a reason, and trying to make websites compatible between IE7, IE8, and IE9 alone is increasingly frustrating, much less tacking on additional browsers.

          But you're right. I don't applaud when the kid at a fast food restaurant doesn't spit in my food. I applaud the manager for getting rid of those kinds of kids for people won't at all. So in this instance, I applaud Microsoft for seriously improving the IE platform as a whole and I hope that they do silent updates in the future so that web developers like me don't have to worry about code compatibility.

        • ^What Lars said. ^

          ie9 is the first browser from the ie line that actually works like it should (for the most part). It's the very last browser on my list of choices. ie10 better step up the game

  2. Oh come on, stop that Khaddafi / Gaddafi war, that stupid, arabic names don't have an official spelling!
    The debate already took place on 9gag.

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