Video Game-Playing Bullfrog Takes Revenge on Owner [Video]

After seeing the video of a bearded dragon playing Ant Crusher we featured a few days ago, Youtuber KoreanFrogMania decided to try putting his African bullfrog in front of the game. Check it out!



5 Responses to Video Game-Playing Bullfrog Takes Revenge on Owner [Video]

    • Under Wikipedia's article on African Bullfrogs is this "Feeding and Habits" blurb:

      The African Bullfrog is carnivorous and a voracious eater, eating insects, small rodents, reptiles, small birds and other amphibians.[citation needed] This frog is also aggressive and has been known to bite.[citation needed] An African bullfrog kept at the Pretoria Zoo in South Africa once ate 17 baby cobras (Hemachatus haemachatus).

      A carnivorous bullfrog would have to have sharp little buggers of teeth, so yeah, I bet it hurt, quite a bit.

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