OMG My Eyes, They Bleed: A Dubstep Christmas House [Video]

Warning: Do not watch if you have epilepsy.

Watching this on the Internet is totally fine, but if I’d have this guy as a neighbor, I’d probably feel a strong urge to go and sabotage his setup.

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    • Dubstep seems to be the "face" associated with the song, and Skrillex seems to be the artist, so I'm thinking it's unlikely that the guy featured in the video (rikardb?) is a member of the Cadger family, whose videos seem to all be posted by yz85zak, plasticashery, and gleno11100.

      It's just as likely that I'm wrong, though.

    • Hasty to judge, Jacinda.

      This is a hobby that he probably works on all year, choosing music, studying the beat so he can synch it, using graph paper and computer software to figure out where he wants to put the lights, and finally putting it all together using boards and tools and electrical knowledge. Plus his hobby puts him outside for a few months, putting up the lights and strategically placing extension cords. Not to mention, he offers a certain level of enjoyment to others in his city and around the world via youtube.

      And your hobby is… what, trolling around on the internet and making half-formed comments about the short-comings of others?

      Sorry, I crossed the line in that last bit, but I admire people who have the talents and ambitions to do cool things, and it annoys me when others rip them down just because they don't take the time to try to understand.

  1. My uncle does a setup like this on the firehouse where he works every year, only there are usually about fifteen different songs and they broadcast on a radio channel so you can listen in your car while you sit out and watch.

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