Krampus the Christmas Demon

Just one of the reasons Austria rules: in their country, bad children don’t simply receive coal in their stocking. They are freaking eaten by Krampus the Christmas demon.  From the io9 article:

The Krampus is a holiday fixture that’s popular in the Germanic countries. Created to really enforce the whole “better watch out” Christmas ideology, the Krampus is the pure evil that must exist to balance out St. Nick’s pure goodness.

Legend has it that when the Krampus discovers a bad-apple kid, he grabs the tot with his tongue, throws the kid in a sack, and takes them back to his home for dinner. My parents actually threatened my little sister and I with Krampus tales on Saint Nicholas Day. Because what’s the point of having children if you can’t destroy Christmas for them, right?

Christmas is so scary in Germanic countries it beats American Halloween.

via io9

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