Cloaked Spaceship Spotted Near Mercury [Video]

During a large coronal mass ejection from the sun last week, NASA’s STEREO spacecraft spotted a mysterious planet-sized object orbiting Mercury. Check it out

Head NRL group scientist Russ Howard and lead ground systems engineer Nathan Rich say the mysterious object is in fact Mercury itself. And what we’re seeing in the footage is the equivalent of Mercury’s wake, “where the planet was on the previous day,” as it travels through the solar system on its natural gravitational path.



23 Responses to Cloaked Spaceship Spotted Near Mercury [Video]

  1. It looks like a large ram scoop on the top connected to a lower cargo / passenger area – in front of the object looks like another smaller ship or perhaps a projected field –

    it could also be a type of space animal , perhaps a type of crystalline energy that we have not encountered until now..

  2. is it me or does this guy not know how to center the image not to mention I that’s a spacecraft why does only part of it become uncloaked while leaving a huge black mass behind it what’s the explanation for this supposed to be and why does this mass appear by every planet does this guy intend to say there’s a space ship cloaked by all the other planets too I bet if we all go out on our lawns pull our pants down point our asses to the sky and light our farts we will mimic this emc effect so if there turns out to be one hovering over earth well know who’s really right in all of this

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