An IT Guy’s Worst Nightmare [Pic]

I don’t know about you guys, but this looks like a few server rooms I’ve been to. When you think of it, this picture is kind of beautiful… in some kind of chaotic way!

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  1. Bah. That is nothing. Seriously. There is no slag in those cables. Sure its bad, but I've worked jobs where are 200 cables that are 14' long. between switch and patch panel that are maybe 2-3' away from each other. THAT was a PITA.

  2. You ever tried to trace a cable in a rack with proper cable management??? Easy… but removing that said cable? Ha.

    Now chaos on the other hand…. takes a few mins longer to trace, but it wizzes straight out… I vote Chaos! :)

  3. They started with cable management as seen in the top part of the picture. But as everything became complex they embraced the chaos theory. Their colorcoding is nonexistent . Orange = fiber , everything else is copper. Also, it's BAD to do it that way because it puts a lot of strain in the connectors (A lot of weight hanging from a little piece of plastic). You don't only damage the cable connector you will definitely going to damage the socket in your very expensive hardware. At least they avoided it for their fiber connectors. I write software and I do not usually mess with hardware but in one occasion I lost 1 month of work because a faulty cable or NIC (never found out) allowed 1 in 10 TCP packets to go through.

  4. Just TRY and replace any of that equipment …. I dare you!

    At least they don't waste tons of hours running cable, patching a connection takes only 7 seconds .. click-click and walk away. You can then focus on more important things, like being prepared for a disaster in there!!

    I actually think it is beautiful. We spend so much time properly dressing cable, it becomes entirely too stressful when there is tons of other work that needs to be done. This approach is all about freedom. USA USA USA!

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