Replies On Tech Support Forums [Pic]

Is there anything more frustrating than finding a forum post written by someone with the exact same problem you have, and even though the thing was written several years ago, no one ever bothered to answer with a solution…



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    • As well as those who just call you stupid because they feel like it, and those who tell you to reboot your computer, despite the fact that you're asking a question about a washing machine.

        • Or the one who says "nooooob! you work on windows! take linux!" when you ask for an help because system error.
          And exactly how sterling can says ;)
          (sorry for my english, i try to speak it but really difficult for me :s )

  1. The only thing more frustrating is when the OP replies back with something like, "Fixed!", but doesn't bother you share HOW he fixed it.

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