Replies On Tech Support Forums [Pic]

Is there anything more frustrating than finding a forum post written by someone with the exact same problem you have, and even though the thing was written several years ago, no one ever bothered to answer with a solution…



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  1. Actually you missed the large % of people that know how to fix the problem, but would rather be patronising than helpful.

    • As well as those who just call you stupid because they feel like it, and those who tell you to reboot your computer, despite the fact that you're asking a question about a washing machine.

        • Or the one who says "nooooob! you work on windows! take linux!" when you ask for an help because system error.
          And exactly how sterling can says ;)
          (sorry for my english, i try to speak it but really difficult for me :s )

  2. The only thing more frustrating is when the OP replies back with something like, "Fixed!", but doesn't bother you share HOW he fixed it.

    • "Nevermind. I found the incredibly simple but hard to find solution on another forum, thanks for the help guys!"


    • There should be an internet law against that. Or a way to blacklist them out of the top of the google index.

  3. Or having the same problem but realizing that their "fix" doesn't generate the same result. If you've worked in SharePoint Development, you know exactly what I mean…X(

  4. what about : "RTFM posts" or "Google is your friend" shouldn't these answer take aprox. 90 % of the cake