Battlestar Galactica: The Animated Series [Pics]

AH! Caught you guys again, didn’t I? :)

First, an animated version of Firefly, and now this? Will artist Otis Frampton ever leave us alone instead of tempting us with these awesome impossibilities?

[Source: Otis Frampton | Via]


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  1. I'm sorry. Its a personal opinion, but I HATE this animation style. If this was done by one person (In this case it was.) that's great! That is fine. One lone person no complains. I actually love it. Its wonderful work for _A_ person.

    But on an actual show that should have a solid team creating the artwork it smacks of studios and design houses just trying to pump this crap out as fast as possible instead of giving us quality animation. A good example would be GI Joe: Resolute
    IMHO it seems lazy with the lack of detail and oddly shaped forms.
    Yes you can call it an artistic style. Which is all well and fine for a static piece of artwork. But when you are trying to tell a story this does not help the story along.

    *shrugs* IMO of course. YMMV.

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