Epic Skyrim Glitch [Video]

Hmmm, aren’t bears supposed to go into hibernation when it gets cold, not break dance?

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  1. Why do people call this a glitch? This isn't a normal game environment. The person used the console to target a bear and did a "setscale 100" command to make it very large. Of course things will freak out at that size.

    • Yup, this is not a glitch. It's just a super sized bear trying to activate the fall animation and running into to many rocks and trees. Nor is it a glitch when something gets killed on a slope and slides a few hundred yards downhill, that's just Bethesda neglecting to include friction in the ragdoll physics.

  2. I have played the game…but have yet to see a bear that BIG in the first place…lol….let alone what else happens in this glitch…

  3. I wish real life had glitches like this. Open a door and it goes to another building. Take your car into work and halfway there it launches itself 300 feet into the air..flying the rest of the way there. Equip a cell phone and you get 3000% reception. Design your character and loose 20% BFI from a glitch. Life would be way more interesting. =D

  4. At this point, I'm convinced Bethesda puts these "glitches" in their games on purpose, or leave them in during development as their version of an Easter Egg. Coder's Third Law: it's not a bug, it's a FEATURE!

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