Epic Skyrim Glitch [Video]

Hmmm, aren’t bears supposed to go into hibernation when it gets cold, not break dance?

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13 Responses to Epic Skyrim Glitch [Video]

  1. I still ant to play this game…but after hearing about and seeing all of the glitches, i think maybe i will wait until they get all that worked out….yeah……

  2. Why do people call this a glitch? This isn't a normal game environment. The person used the console to target a bear and did a "setscale 100" command to make it very large. Of course things will freak out at that size.

    • Yup, this is not a glitch. It's just a super sized bear trying to activate the fall animation and running into to many rocks and trees. Nor is it a glitch when something gets killed on a slope and slides a few hundred yards downhill, that's just Bethesda neglecting to include friction in the ragdoll physics.

  3. I have played the game…but have yet to see a bear that BIG in the first place…lol….let alone what else happens in this glitch…

  4. I wish real life had glitches like this. Open a door and it goes to another building. Take your car into work and halfway there it launches itself 300 feet into the air..flying the rest of the way there. Equip a cell phone and you get 3000% reception. Design your character and loose 20% BFI from a glitch. Life would be way more interesting. =D

  5. I'm surprised about this because Tim Minchin warned us pretty clearly about bears not digging on dancing…

  6. At this point, I'm convinced Bethesda puts these "glitches" in their games on purpose, or leave them in during development as their version of an Easter Egg. Coder's Third Law: it's not a bug, it's a FEATURE!