Ridiculous Superhero Underwear Commercial [Video]

Yes Diesel, that’s right, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and their renegade hero friend, the Joker.


That pair of Batman boxer briefs looks kind of nice though. :)

[Via Topless Robot]


7 Responses to Ridiculous Superhero Underwear Commercial [Video]

  1. Ah renegade. You mean once was good, now has made a heel turn? I agree with Adam, this was made by CW people. Also, not to nitpick because I like The Flash, but why him over Superman? Batman is a given, Joker I guess, and GL just got a movie. Where's Big Blue?

  2. Ok…just a thought….do you really want Flash on your underwear? I mean, what if you just finished a romantic encounter and she hands you your underwear and sees Flash on them and says "Well that explains alot"……

  3. The thing I've always loved about The Joker is how all his heroic deeds almost come across as almost villainous, making him a great character with depth and multiple layers.

    Seems legit…