Ridiculous Superhero Underwear Commercial [Video]

Yes Diesel, that’s right, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and their renegade hero friend, the Joker.


That pair of Batman boxer briefs looks kind of nice though. :)

[Via Topless Robot]

7 Responses to Ridiculous Superhero Underwear Commercial [Video]

  1. Ah renegade. You mean once was good, now has made a heel turn? I agree with Adam, this was made by CW people. Also, not to nitpick because I like The Flash, but why him over Superman? Batman is a given, Joker I guess, and GL just got a movie. Where's Big Blue?

  2. Ok…just a thought….do you really want Flash on your underwear? I mean, what if you just finished a romantic encounter and she hands you your underwear and sees Flash on them and says "Well that explains alot"……

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