Dear Parents: Learn to Speak Text – 10 Codes You Should Know [Picture]

Dear parents, here are 10 online abbreviations you should be aware of in order to help prevent your kids from adopting a… ahem… debaucherous lifestyle.

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  1. See, that's the thing, though… Texting abbreviations are like the code books in WWII; whenever one side got hold of the latest set of codes, the other side would just go to the next set. And these days, that means making up even more incomprehensible acronyms and abbreviations.

  2. I have never even seen these "codes" used. So basically the code is.. use the first letter of each word… DYWTGTMHAHWSWM Do you want to go to my house and have wild sex with monkeys?
    Sounds legit. No parent would ever guess that *gasp*

  3. from the text: 'Still, Cumming says not to panic'… wtf !!! parental advisor is named Cumming.. this a rick astley joke or what?

  4. Define new…some of these I used in school, and I'm almost thirty. Also should this possibly be prefaced by…keep an eye on your kids, teach them properly about both sex and contraceptives, then you can sleep a little better at night. Just a thought there. Besides, you're their parent if you do it it has to be gross ;)

  5. I'm not quite sure, but it appears the reporter who wrote this, knows nothing of this, how to word this, I believe 'lifestyle' is the most apt term here. Just because we talk through text, we have sex, and we abbreviate things we say frequently doesn't mean we A) Use common abbreviations, they differ from person to person, and B) Nor are most teenagers THIS ridiculous and easily aroused. I'm still young, I still talk to primarily teenagers and there are few people I know that would been sad enough to say things like this to their partners. But, I'm just speaking for, what I hope, is a majority of the teenage populace, but I have so little faith in humanity anymore that I'm not sure if I believe what I just said, we're evolving again with all this newfangled technology, don't get me wrong, I love that ;) but things change, maybe one day people will actually use abbreviations like these that seem harder to work out than it would be to type the sentence in full. On a sidenote, kittens are adorable.

  6. really? weve only discovered that we are sexual beings in the last 100 years?? so i guess sex is some kind of cancer caused by the growth of technology and it wasnt part of reproduction before that…. XD

    • LOL – I'm so glad someone else noticed that too. 100 years? Seriously? Did their very best scientists come up with that?

  7. My kids are only 8 (twins). At the pace tech is moving, I expect that by the time they’re old enough for this to be an issue, they’ll be using entirely different methods of communication with their peers, and texting will be something only old people do. Perhaps eye implants?

  8. Who the heck even uses these stupid acronyms?? As far as I know people here don't, but then again I don't talk to all of them. Especially not the kind of people that would be using these sort of things. The few I have talked to in the past just straight up say what they want, and didn't get it. lol.

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