John Carter of Mars – Full Trailer

The hero of the popular Edgar Rice Burroughs sci-fi book series is brought to live-action life, as is the Red Planet of Mars and all its inhabitants in the newest trailer for the movie John Carter.

[John Carter]


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  1. The source is from 1911. Everything Star Wars and Avatar came the John Carter books. The first was A Princess of Mars. They were written by Edgar Rice Burroughs before he wrote Tarzan.

  2. I'm looking forward to it.

    I am OK with it being like the book. There are some things (like Carter and the Princess walking around in the nude) that simply won't be considered acceptable for a Disney film. Things will have to be changed. I accept that. Mostly I'm just hoping for a John Carter (A Princess of Mars) themed movie, rather than a "true to the book" adaption. :)

  3. My vision of Barsoom is heavily influenced by the Michael Whelan covers I had on my copy of the books. This last trailer won me over a little bit, but I would love to have been part of the design process and change a few things. I also think they have done a horrible job of marketing this movie so far. The posters have not been done very well.

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