John Carter of Mars – Full Trailer

The hero of the popular Edgar Rice Burroughs sci-fi book series is brought to live-action life, as is the Red Planet of Mars and all its inhabitants in the newest trailer for the movie John Carter.

[John Carter]


11 Responses to John Carter of Mars – Full Trailer

  1. Ugh….Is anyone else getting Attack of the Clones flashbacks from the opening scene? I don't know the source material, so maybe it is older then AOTC, but if not, just wow.

  2. The source is from 1911. Everything Star Wars and Avatar came the John Carter books. The first was A Princess of Mars. They were written by Edgar Rice Burroughs before he wrote Tarzan.

  3. I'm looking forward to it.

    I am OK with it being like the book. There are some things (like Carter and the Princess walking around in the nude) that simply won't be considered acceptable for a Disney film. Things will have to be changed. I accept that. Mostly I'm just hoping for a John Carter (A Princess of Mars) themed movie, rather than a "true to the book" adaption. :)

  4. My vision of Barsoom is heavily influenced by the Michael Whelan covers I had on my copy of the books. This last trailer won me over a little bit, but I would love to have been part of the design process and change a few things. I also think they have done a horrible job of marketing this movie so far. The posters have not been done very well.