Important Things in Life…

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    • That has got to be the dumbest, most idiotic statement.
      Your statements lack grammar (- heck, they aren't even valid statements. Imbecile.).
      Clearly, this guy is not a geek, per definition.
      This seems more like an X-box-hipster.

      Most 'geeks' spend their time with Mathematics, Computer Programming, or alike.

    • Yes, Because the PC has so many compatibility issues you end up buying the damn game and cant play it unless you drop a few hundred bucks for the right hardware. Consoles are economical.

        • ^Don't listen to this guy or the guy he said to listen to. A real geek would be able to troubleshoot compatibility issues on the PC, of which are few and far in between. And they wouldn't have needed to spend more money on a Console anyways when you can buy the right components for the same price (and have it last longer in the first place).

          Sorry, but consoles can't "beat" a PC on any front. Games are cheaper on PC, they're prettier, they're moddable, and they're easier to troubleshoot. If a game doesn't work on a Console – woops. That's all you get.

        • actually bethesda has made it so that without the correct hardware you CANNOT play thier games..happens with all of them..fall out 3, skyrim, etc etc. also they say that they belive PC gaming is a dying culture and are no longer interested in satiating the PC gaming community and so do not concern themselves with making thier games compatible with a wide range of hardware.

        • What about people like myself that simply prefer playing consoles? Now yes, I do play games on my PC but honestly I've always been a console fan; even if the prices on steam make it very hard for me to understand why I do.

  1. Wolfix, seriously, a real geek would check the compatibilities BEFORE buying the game! not once it's installed and not working because he forgot to check if his computer was good enough.

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