The Ultimate How to on How Reheat Your Pizza [Video]

Since it’s a well known fact that pizza is one of the geek’s dish of choice, I thought you guys would appreciate this simple guide explaining on how to reheat your leftover pizza to make it even better than when it was when it was delivered to your door.



12 Responses to The Ultimate How to on How Reheat Your Pizza [Video]

  1. ew, thin crust.

    and next time someone uses a fork, I guess I have to call the government, because apparently that makes them a communist. So by using a spoon all the time, am I a socialist?

  2. Umm no, just buy yourself a cheap electric pizza oven (salton makes a real cheapy) 5mins and youll have perfect reheated pizza.

  3. Wrap the crust in aluminum foil, place directly on the top rack of the oven. Make sure to put some more aluminum foil on the bottom rack to catch any grease. Re-heat at 300 degrees for about 10 minute, or to your liking. Pizza is cripsy and crust is still soft.