No White Christmas for Most of the World

Ah, winter.  A smoker’s worst nightmare.  As those of us poor nicotine addicted folks shiver out in the cold, frantically puffing our cancer sticks as the wind chaps our faces, and as the rest of the world huddles warmly around a fire or a well-powered heating system, we all hold out one hope (well, maybe not all of us): that there will be some of that awesome powdery precipitation, that our landscapes will be blanketed in beautiful white, that our runny noses and numb fingers might not all be for nothing.  Snow is beautiful, one of the greatest things in the world, I think.  Snowmen, snow angels, I’m a big fan of all of it.  Which is why this picture both shocks and saddens me.  While the parts of the map do get some snow, there’s not much.  Most of the world has to deal with the miserable cold without that awesome return.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to put my beanie on and brave the cold.  Time to finish my smoke.

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  1. Wait a sec!

    In the animation above one can clearly see that only about 2/5 of the world is ‘white’ so how can you say it’s on “most of the world”?

    I see, if it’s on USA, it’s all around the world, all right… ¬¬

    • I think you gravely misread. The article is about how there isn't going to be much snow and how most of the world has to deal with the COLD not the snow.

      "While the parts of the map do get some snow, there’s not much. Most of the world has to deal with the miserable cold WITHOUT that awesome return. "

    • p.s. The owner of GAS = Canadian, not from the USA. Man I wish people weren't so blindly anti-American, they felt the need to make it seem like we are all ego centric asses.

  2. it is not on most of the world, hell it barely reaches the USA this is why i hate snow filled holiday movies. for me i go to the beach. it might be 70 something during jan.

  3. Oh bah, 2/5 so its approx. half of the planet and seeing as the rest of the countries in the picture are below the equator them getting snow is HIGHLY unlikely; Saying that most of the world is fairly accurate.

  4. Pretty inaccurate representation considering for the last 2 years the whole of the UK has been hit by pretty heavy snow, not just Scotland.

  5. i was going to say the same thing…we get winter while they get summer….with that in mind it looks like a lot pf ppl will get snowy christmases. sometimes you have t think outside of the crappy animation.

  6. The only place I lived that snowed heavily was Japan. The other 24 years have been in places where it either never snowed at all or only in the most uncomfortable way possible (blizzards and ice).

    So the way *I* see it, this is just a continuation of the rest of my life. :P

  7. Growing up in south Florida some Yankee would always whine about "How are we gonna celebrate Christmas without any snow?" My grandma would always reply "The baby Jesus, he didn't need no snow." Grandma FTW!

  8. You do realize that for half the world Christmas is in the middle of summer right. So even if we don’t get snow we’re hardly dealing with “the miserable cold”.

  9. Who cares. Im from Australia. Ive never seen snow and dont really want to. Most of the people people that i know from the southern equator hate snow. Its because its cold and freezes your ass off. Christmas for me has always been a hot summers day, swimming in the pool and getting loads of presents and money from people. I hate it when people always go on about "lovely white snowy Christmas" or "I wish it snowed here for christmas".

  10. I'm from Florida, and I can't tell you how much I wished it snowed here. The cold–when it does get "cold"–is indeed miserable and for people used to humidity it just gets so dry. And the wind! It feels so much colder than it really is. Not to mention–because Florida is the "sunshine" state (that gets more lightning strikes than any other state)–it is impossible to find really warm clothes. Where it snows, at least you can get warm clothes to protect against the cold.

    Having Christmas when it's 80 outside is depressing for me, because it is 80 or above for most of the year here and I'd like a change.

  11. I'll believe it when it happends. Still waiting for humans to live in subtaranian cities where we breath through ventilators. At least that's wat I was taught in school would happen back in the '80's.

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