How Future Generations Will Remember Us [Comic]

That’s kind of really sad and pathetic when you think about it…

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6 Responses to How Future Generations Will Remember Us [Comic]

    • Future generations will laugh at out pitty addiction to things that are meaningless, even harmful, to our own existence as human beings.

      But, two minutes from now is the future. 1/0000,1-Second from now is also the future.
      Perhaps when they mean the 'future' they mean the 'not-so-distant-future' as in '100 years from now'.

    • That's the dumbest, most futile idea i have ever heard about, you imbecile!

      All data is stored on Databases. These databases have other databases containing copies, and guess what? There's copies of the copies, of the copies.
      Facebook would lose a enormous amount of their revenue, if they lost their data.

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