My Life Right Now [Comic]

Yes, I know, it’s quite sad… and awesome and the same time. :)

So, who’s in the same boat as I right now?

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  1. Me. I'm giving my first professional presentation next week and Skyrim mocks me as I spend my evenings preparing for the presentation instead of sniping cave spiders. Stupid, beautiful, seductive Skyrim.

  2. Running 2 characters right now (Lvl 8 & lvl 9), while finishing my last semester of college (3.5GPA so far), working on 2 contract jobs, and helping with a US Senate campaign website.

    Multitasking FTFW!

  3. Pretty much same boat…not same game, but definitely same predicament. I haven't gotten Gears of War 3 out of my system yet, then here comes Modern Warfare 3, and NOW it's trying to finish playing the campaign for Halo: CE Anniversary Edition….busy busy busy! Don't know how I'll EVER find time to make Thanksgiving dinner! LOL!

  4. coming home, thinking of the game
    being on work, thinking of that fxxxing awesome game!

    :| cant decide: sleep, eat or play :| ;D

  5. Not me. But that's only because I need to do a memory and vid card update on my computer. So just when it's getting old and no one is playing anymore I will be able to play.

  6. Après très exactement une semaine j'en suis à 58h de jeu, je passe mes nuits à jouer au lieu de me reposer, j'ai la tête dans le fion toute la journée au travail et je me réveille quand je commence à jouer…
    Si seulement je travaillais pas le weekend et certains soirs je serai bien plus loin que Pétur juste au dessus. :p
    Histoire de te faire rigoler, ce n'est que ce matin que j'ai décidé de faire la première quête (la griffe en or) et donc de tuer mon tout premier dragon lol

    bosmer voleur ultra furtif bientôt lvl 41

  7. I had a test in Comparative Vertebrate Physiology today. 6 pages, 12 essay questions and an anal retentive teacher. I studied for 34 minutes because I was trying to clear North Shriekwind Bastion and kept getting owned by the Vampire Master at the end.

    Thank goodness I brought my wingman to class with me…smartphone ftw!!

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