The Future According to Films [Infographic]

The future according to films (plus a few TV show) by graphic designer Michael Hobson.

Hit the jump for the full infographic.

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10 Responses to The Future According to Films [Infographic]

  1. OK so Sunshine takes place 10 years AFTER Event Horizon, so why did none of the crew on Sunshine recognise the huge chunks of plot that had been borrowed from Event Horizon?

    • Actually, it's a tube of Bonjella gum ointment (minty, it's quite nice actually) a Pot Noodle and a tin of dog food. And he eats the dog food.

  2. Sometimes I think I'm the only guy who loves the original 1984 Dune. Incredible cinematography. Also, a young and ripped Sting emerging from a steam bath.

  3. You forgot Space Battleship Yamato…2199, Earth is under attack from the mysterious planet Gamilon. Planet bombs are turning the Earth into a radioactive wasteland, forcing humans live in underground cities.

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