Wear More Clothes to Seem Smarter

Ah, winter.  It’s coming!  It’s my favorite time of the year.  I love the snow and the cold.  Call me crazy.  But, women also seem sexier to me this time of year.  It’s strange.  When summer rolls around there’s that initial sense of youth with all that exposed skin, but during winter, when women (or men, I suppose) are all bundled in scarves and boots and big jackets, there’s something massively appealing.  This article might explain it: we see people who wear more clothing as having more agency than those who don’t.  And for those of us who think intelligence and assertiveness are sexy qualities, covering up actually leads to a greater level of attraction.

[Via The Daily Mail | Picture (CC) Via Flickr]


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  1. Completely agree, intelligence is the attribute I look for after physical beauty (guilty!), although assertiveness not so much a requirement, and I find that women are amazingly beautiful in winter clothes; there's something so much more 'cuddly' yet mysterious about them – making them very attractive.
    (I am also a big fan of the season despite the common colds! :)
    I also find the cold gives a pinkness to the cheeks, putting their eyes into value, making them seem much deeper and intense – big eye fan too. And the strength of the cold weakens them, bringing out their innocent, softer side, even making them less confident, which I myself actually like as an attribute (to some extent).

  2. I'm reminded of the old Smothers Brothers routine where they talk about the fact that the more power people have politically, the more clothes they tend to wear. This, of course, suggests that those without much influence, wearing less clothing, could be called less-ons. Those running the country, then, would be more-ons.

  3. You do realise this is from The Daily Mail? For our American cousins who are unaware of the British press, this is akin to "research" being reported in the National Enquirer. This may may make us ugly wrapped up against the cold geeks feel better, but it is unlikely to be reliable journalism.

  4. How about thugs who wear multiple layers of t-shirts, wife beaters and pants at the same time? I wouldn't say they look smart.

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