5 Cognitive Biases That Prove Your Brain Hates Science

Gamma Squad has a fantastic article up explaining exactly why your brain hates and refuses to be wrong. Everybody hates being wrong.  I turn red when I am.  But I try so hard to admit it.  But now I’m thinking, maybe I don’t!  Maybe I am wrong about everything!  Articles like this, that cause introspection, are my favorites.

[Via Gamma Squad]


2 Responses to 5 Cognitive Biases That Prove Your Brain Hates Science

  1. Actually, this makes me think: So basically everyone, no matter how hard they try, is biased. (Even scientists, even with their peer reviews.) And if that's the case, why should I listen to them? If it doesn't directly benefit my way of life in some way, I have no reason to believe anything anyone says. They could be just as backwards and skewed in their thinking as I am. Why listen to anyone?

    Fortunately, I'm OK with most kinds of bias as long as they don't result in death or me being extremely unhappy. I'm biased towards myself you see. :D

  2. Instead of tossing your hands up and saying "we are all biased". Meditate on the subjective qualia that correspond to the activity of bias and eliminate them. E.g. when you find yourself changing your mind because the position you are changing it to is more popular and you can find no other inward motivation for changing your mind than the gross benefit to your own personal socioeconomic worth, then take note for future encounters with that psychological process.

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