Le Internet Meme Medley [Video]

Apparently, Le Internet Song by the guys from the GAG Quartet features over forty Internet memes. Can you spot them all?

[Via Neatorama]

3 Responses to Le Internet Meme Medley [Video]

  1. Now they only need to make a "Hitler rants about Le internet meme medley" and the cycle is complete!

    A trumpet will sound and the four riders will come forth to spread disease, death, pestilence and war among the lands…

  2. Hah! I had to go back and re-listen, it was playing in my brain after the song finished and it occured to me that there was Rick Astley in there. The bass-line at 3:13, right after the "Today it is Friday" bit. Makes all the more sense that the bassist's face became the troll face. :D

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