HOW TO: Make a Laser Microscope at Home [Video]

A simple way to make a laser microscope at home using a simple laser pointer, a syringe full of filthy water, two glasses, and a blank wall.

[Via GTDW]


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  1. I'm unsure about this… I see those "small single cells" in every experiment with lasers when dust is involved. I think is dispertion.

  2. I think what he's seeing are diffraction rings formed by small dust particles suspended in the liquid. Note the uniform motion of the "single cells"; if they were living creatures, they would be moving randomly.

    Best way to test this: try this with sterilized water. Sterilization will kill most microorganisms, but impurities will still exist. I think you'll see similar patterns. Better yet, try it with 70-90% alcohol.

  3. Tried this out with a standard school laser pointer (red light & green light) and both of them were blocked by the water droplet. Can you advise what power / size of laser pointer you used in your experiment.

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