Caption Contest: TI84+ Like a Boss [Pic]

Hey Geeks, think of an appropriate caption for this picture, leave it in the comments section below, and we’ll give a free “Boba GraFetti” t-shirt to the funniest one (as determined by us!)

Edit: Yes, we do have female version of this shirt as well.



336 Responses to Caption Contest: TI84+ Like a Boss [Pic]

  1. "The CFA is for suckas… I got my BSEE and wrote a phone app over the summer… Now I run my own VC firm and work out of my home so that I can spend more time with my groupies…"

  2. "Lets do the match… add fresh deodorant, subtract glasses, add whiff of moustache, subtract geeky voice, subtract the fact that I use a calculator in order to find out if I have a chance with these gorgeous babes…. oh well, back to playing Dungeons and Dragons"

  3. 1) Jealous?
    2) Office Assistants
    3) Original Geeksta
    4) They love it when I talk Nerdy
    5) They are my sisters
    6) Homework doesn't suck
    7) First math class then Sex ed.
    8) Punishment as Castle Anthrax.

  4. Even after seeing all the movies, little billy ignores the fact that all these hot chicks are attracted to his…. ANSWERS

  5. "Yes. Ok, now you get on top of her …and then I turn to the right and she straddles … No.. it works .. I've just done the calculations. Ok who has the lube?"

  6. David Attenborough: As new economic challenges are presented to the species, new methods of survival are the only option

    Or alternatively.

    Check it out, he has a scientific calculator!

  7. 1) Here we have 2 types of homework. Choose wisely :)
    2) The square root of the cosign is too many coed's
    3) Geeks gone wild…
    4) What are my actual odds to the 10th decimal place of actually getting lucky?

  8. Ladies, we're doing well with your math lesson. We've added the beach, and subtracted most of the clothes. Now we do division… so how about you divide those legs…

  9. No matter how many calculations he tries, and how many different formulas he uses, he STILL can't figure out exactly HOW he got so damn lucky. The problem is, by the time he gets it, they will all be gone. (That is, all except for the brunette who thinks that calc is damn sexy.)

  10. "Give the bitch a Quadratic Equation to solve.
    Bitches love Quadratic Equations."
    -I hope it's not too offensive, but this is the first thing that popped to my mind after rolling out of bed and opening my computer to find this :D

  11. When the girls droped their clothes and the calculator and told him "You can get from us whatever you desire!", they never expected him to take the caculator. To be honest, I really think he made the right decision. Those clothes wouldn't fit him!

  12. Mom said i could get physical after i was done with my physics homework
    Math got played, now time to get laid.
    TI -84 Pac Man tourny '11
    Sup, like what you see? yeah, working on a proof
    Jay Z has 99 problems, i've solved them all

  13. TV/DVD combo – $412.32
    TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator – $111.07
    Weird Science on DVD – $7.99
    Creating your own harem of nerd loving women who take you to the Cayman's allowing you to work on the Hodge Conjecture in peace – Priceless

  14. My sisters are interfering with my ability to concentrate on these calculus problems that I am doing for fun here on vacation.

  15. Phenius worked hard to calculate the mathmatical probability of getting anywhere near either heavenly body before premature rocket seperation.

  16. “My homework brings all the girls to the yard / They’re like, it’s better than yours / Damn right, it’s better than yours / I’d show you, but I’d have to charge”

  17. "U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men guarantees that with one (or four) of our beautiful humaniform robots by your side, you never fall victim to poolside wedgies again!"

  18. Yes, yes, based on the height of the sun and current conditions, you can sit out here another 4.28 hours for optimal tanning. Can I go back to my Ninja-RPG game now?

  19. Looking up from his physics homework on "modulus of rigidity", Stan began to sense he was on to something…next up, "coefficient of linear expansion"!!!

  20. A few simple calculations and mail in multiple entry contests later…Standard Geek protocol.. IT got Dwight to the beach and a few bucks.. Bringing the TI to effectively calculate effective bikini sizes for maximum tanning angles..BOSS-

  21. Even with the new variables factored in, Karl still calculated his chances at losing his virginity at 1.21%. A pox on you, Liebig's Law!!!

  22. "And arch your back a little.. I know it looks kinda funny.. but for the perfect tan.. That's what the math says.." ;)

  23. Look around you, now back to me, now back around you, now back to me. You are not me. I have women around me while I do my math homework vying for my attention because they already know that I will have a fortune 500 company when I graduate at age 20.

  24. This is what daydreams look like in the mind of intellectual teenage boys – hot women + math equations = like a boss.

  25. The average IQ of any group is 100. If we all take the test . . . multiply by 5 . . . subtract expected scores of the others . . . I’m going to need to score a 204 !!

  26. "If Sally makes two-hundred dollars a night, and Betty makes three-hundred fifty dollars… I should be able to get the new Alienware computer in about two years."

  27. Carl tries to calculate the odds that the multidimensional portal would have randomly transported him to the paralleled universe in which nerds are considered hot.

  28. "I hope the cameraman doesn't ask me to stand up."
    "They said I could sit here if I did their homework."
    "What is the neuro-chemical composition of embarassment?"
    "I wonder how many facebook likes this will get me?"
    "They like me for my big brain."
    "I can't concentrate right now."
    "I forgot how hard it is to do math without blood circulating through my brain."
    "Thinking with this much estrogen present may give me cancer of the weewee.'

  29. “Capt. Kirk School of Hooking Up, ’11 graduate ”

    “Behold the power of the Ti84+ tractor beam!”

    “They know that when the zombie aoocalypse kicks in, my brain will keep them well-fed.”

  30. “You can learn to Photoshop yourself into any cool place you wish you could be.” Another reason to come and register in our school. ITT Tech, we make the impossible, possible.

  31. You're captain of the football team and can easily bench 210 pounds. But I know how to combine scented oils from various notes with concentrated pheromones in the right amounts to create a cologne that makes me irresistible to women. Your girlfriend says hi.

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