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  1. This is sobering in that it draws attention to suffering we're otherwise insulated from. But, to play devil's advocate, there are plenty of reasons for the disparity. For one thing, mourning the passing of an individual is far more personal (whether that individual is personally known or not) than mourning the faceless deaths of thousands, or even millions. The reaction is bound to be much more visceral.
    Another is desensitization. The "premature" deaths of Jobs and other unique figures are unusual in and of themselves. Millions have been dying in Africa and other under-developed areas of the world for decades and more. It's roughly the equivalent of millions being unemployed around the nation, versus your next door neighbor or close friend getting fired.
    It's also worth noting that images like this are worth absolutely nothing if they do not invoke change. If someone reposts this on fb or wherever, types out a line or two expressing sorrow at the situation, and then goes back to playing Angry Birds… That's how these things usually end.

  2. I would expect better from GaS. This meme (or whatever one would call it) was thought up by someone who has far too much time on their hands and wanted to ride the publicity of Steve Jobs death.

    Many suckers have fallen for it.

    BILLIONS of dollars in aid and assistance goes to African nations each year. The problems over there are exacerbated by the corrupt leaders that disregard the needs of their people and the calls for the UN to fix the problems. Case in point, Mugabe. His policies turned the breadbasket of Africa into a desolate wasteland, all because he wanted the "white" farmers out of the country.

    Anyway, I won't waste any more time on this because it isn't worth it

    Next time, represent for geeks and actually think before posting bleeding heart BS.

    • so… wait.. whats your point? is it not true that the public eye rather follow the life of a seemingly pointless individual than to follow the lives of an entire country? that's a little fucked, no matter how you want to look at it. so I'm kinda lost with your nonsensical blurb, sure money is sent there, but you don't see much open concern for it, as much as you see concern for the man's super iTelevision..

      • Pointless? Your either kidding or too caught up in this ridiculous BS.
        Steve Jobs was (and through his legacy, still is) a leader in the computer industry, an industry that has markedly raised the standard of living of at least a Billion people. You bet its sad. It's a tragedy for the people of the entire world. Helping poor people improve the way they live just got a little harder. What's a really sad is that you and people who make comments like yours don't get it at all. All your self righteous indignation doesn't feed one single person. It doesn't promote understanding. It doesn't help one extra dollar get into the hands of the poor. I hope it serves some personal need in you, because it certainly isn't helping to solve the worlds problems.

  3. Yes, white people, kill yourselves because you have evolved and made technologically advanced machines, instead if still scratching a broke @ss in the desert. ~In other words, don't tell me how to feel, you elitist f*ck.

    • African resources are whats powering ur iphone “small thinking long John”, as much as i support what Bob says about curropt leaders we still need to face the fact that help is needed in some parts of Africa…i dont we are to judge watever. Do wat u can or leave it, u are just one of the 7 billions that can offer something in some way and u are not forced….i should shove my ipad in ur ***, while u eat ur iphone

      • Um, what African resources are powering my iphone, exactly? I plug it into my wall jack here in the good ol' USA. If there's even a single african item in the iphone, i guarantee we can find a non-african vendor for it. Let's blow up Africa! and then the Moon! Neither of them do anything but cause problems.

        And while we're at it, let's get rid of charities too. Ayn Rand and Steve Jobs both had it right, God, if there is one, helps those who help themselves. Live and let live or live and let die, whichever's funnier.

  4. Not to make lite of the the people dying in Africa, but there own government are to blame. America sends more money and food to Africa than all the countries combined. The control the distribution of the food and money to their people and tons rot in port because they want it too. Geez give them birth control to stop them from giving birth to a children that wont live past 3. Screwed up world.

  5. Pathetic. Jobs did a hell of a lot more for humanitarian causes with one program than the moron who came up with this campaign will do in their entire life.

    • Yeah Jobs did a lot, like cutting all philanthropic activities at Apple and never re-instating them despite being one of the most cash rich companies in the world. He also dropped his own charity Org very quickly after creating it because he just didn't care.

      But yeah, what a humanitarian!…. when he wasn't denying he was the father of his mistress or screwing over Wozniak or…

      • He also furthered the progress of technology, popularizing materials and manufacturing processes, and driving down the price of hardware across the board, and furthering the development of open source software. There are thousands of schools in Africa with computers now partly because of Apple. Not to mention the RED project. Experience has shown time and time again throwing money at the problem is just throwing money down a hole. APple CHANGED the way things are done, many times for the better.

        • furthering the progress of technology is inevitable, he wasnt necessary, if anything he furthered the ologopolistic structure of the industry which actually retards creativity and drives up the price actually most newly developed computer hardware is at the same price range as before. unless of course the industry is collectivly stabalizing the price to increase profit dramatically, in which case, why should any average people care. and if anything opensourcers continue to progress in SPITE of proprietary software/hardware developers like apple

          do ologopolies enhance research efforts and product design? theoretically yes. but when they do everything in a proprietary manner it hurts cooperation between developers and their contractual control that keeps equal advertisement being aired (apple especially) hurts competing developers and thus retards and curbs growth for the ideal of wealth to maintain marketability rather than product quality.

          basically, anyone who knows anything about computers knows that anything apple makes is made better by someone else in almost every aspect (unless you wanna be a graphics developer, woopee) and all they did is start the trend of touch screens that can have a buttload of apps on em that just serves as a distraction from the real hell constantly goin on in this world.

          so go ahead and fiddle with ur novel touchpad while the majority of humanity corrodes. what should you care what kind of hell ur offspring go thru cleaning up ur lazy mess once society is on its deathbed. iTouch – ostrich effect 101

  6. I hate to say this because it's harsh but at the end of the day it is compeltely true:
    Steve Jobs has changed the modern world, the people dying in Africa haven't
    It's harsh, unfair, etc. but that's just how it works

  7. who causes the conflicts in African states?
    Who funds conflicts than all arms dealers combined?
    who exploits african countries of their resources and resells them at higher prices?
    who enforced all this 'democracy and the rule of government of africa through colonialism or capitalism?
    and if iphone in your pocket is more important than the plight caused by nations eager to exercise their elitism then we have a problem..right now Dennis Richie died yet if it was not for him Steve Jobs & Bill Gates and their followers will not have anything to write home about. Do not get me wrong i appreciate the innovation by Apple and the monopoly of ensuring Windows and virtual PC domination coz without IT development stalls. But as a proud African i get sad when just an image causes such unprecedented and grossly unnecessary comments from fellow cyber surfers whom the plight of Africa is just an excuse. Mugabe is an exceptional case, and though he wanted to reclaim what was rightfully theirs he did so in a very irresponsible and deplorable way. Yes, sometimes even us as blacks we take the race card too far, but it amazes me how ignorance is still blatantly displayed….

  8. I thought it meant that people care more about an electronic device dying than they do about all the people dying in Africa.

  9. Oh ya, this comparison is so stupid as this quote:
    "One death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic." (c) Joseph Stalin

    Think about it!

  10. Hmmm… Survival of the fittest or curbing the world's population growth? Death happens, whether it's a "rich white guy" or millions of impoverished Africans.

  11. Foreign aid is actually insignificant as a percentage in the US budget. Most of the oil the USA uses is either domestic, from Canada, Mexico or Venezuela.

    Steve Jobs didn't change the world or the way things are done. Apple (like microsoft) copied Xerox for a gui. Apple didn't invent the MP3 they simply put a simple gui on it. Apple didn't invent the pda or the laptop..

    The real mac os died out in the late 1990's. Most apple products (OS X and iOS) are unix based. Apple isn't even on motorola hardware anymore it like windows is on amd/intel chips.

    In the end the OS doesn't matter because everyone is on the same network (internet) most file formats work within browsers (photos, video (yeah there is html5), audio etc

    The formats don't really matter anymore

  12. Call me whatever you want, but we are over 7,000,000,000 inhabitants. I actually think that would be good to even more people to die, also I think it's time to apply serious and aggressive birth control measures and while I know that any of those measures won't happen because pro-life bigots. religious fanatics and "humanists will do everything to avoid them to happen; I think we shouldn't stop ongoing processes the earth still has to "shake" the excess somehow. It's harsh and crude but it's the sad truth.

  13. I think like most people i care but with jobs i had a personal link to him how ever tenuous where as with Africa i don't even have the slightest connection not even White guilt since my family didn't get her till the 1800's

  14. That should read:
    One’s brilliant effort empowered All.
    All they do is revel in killing each other.

    Yet again some one tries to make everyone feel sad over a problem no one can fix. Didn’t much like Jobs when he was alive, but have to give him credit for placing his hand on the planet and leaving an indelible mark. His genius reached all civilized people and made their lives better.

  15. god, i just had to post something about this. All the fuck steve jobs did was make awesome products, and rebirth a dying american company. he was an incredible entrepreneur and businessman, but that was it. He had the fortune to know that he was dying and he made the best of it. Good for him. That is something that not everyone gets to have. He was incredibly wealthy (again good for him) yet he never donated or helped any charity. As i type this on a macbook pro, i can still safely say that he had no significant impact on me, and i still cant see how he could have made such an impact on all of you people who wish to create a national holiday in his honor. There are millions of people dying in Africa, and across the world that get less recognition then this one man who as far as i know, looked out for himself and his own company. I dont blame him for that, we cant all be Bill Gates and donate away our entire fortune, but why the hell is this such a huge thing?

  16. Some have said that Jobs had no significant impact on them. Here are a few things they might have forgotten…
    -Do you listen to music? He changed the music industry forever and for better.
    -Do you have things printed (business cards, stationary, flyers, posters, et al)? He changed the printing industry (making it far less expensive).
    -Do you record CDs and DVDs? It took their inclusion in the Mac to bring them into mainstream usage at affordable prices.
    -USB memory devices? Macintosh.
    -Easy wireless networking? Macintosh.
    -Do you watch YouTube, NetFlix, Hulu, or other video online? Wouldn't have been possible without the vision of Jobs and the innovations begun by the Macintosh.
    -Use your cell phone for business? The cell phone as an entertainment/communication center began with the iPhone.
    -Tablet computing will change how we interact with technology.
    – Use Google? Google became the defacto search engine after it’s inclusion as a window in Safari.

    There are also more subtle effects- rising standards of living both at home and around the world. Our lives have completely changed in the last 25 years because of technology and Steve Jobs was a big contributor to those changes. Now I'm not claiming that he personally or even Apple is directly responsible for all these innovations, but as is the wont of innovation, his influence is undeniable. Perhaps most importantly, his persona is even now influencing those who will create the technologies and run the businesses of the future. Not only has he had an effect on all our lives, he will continue to have one well into the future.

    I'm always befuddled by the idea that somehow if a wealthy person doesn't give to charity that it's a black mark on his character. Jpbs and Apple are directly and indirectly responsible for creating 10’s of MILLIONS of jobs- both here and abroad. As an aside, DOS and Windows have improved the lot of far more poor people around the world than all of Bill Gates' charities. That is not to denigrate Mr. Gates. He, too, is a hero in my book. Charity serves a purpose, but it isn't nearly as efficient as American style Capitalism is at raising poor people's standard of living. Charity is the life ring thrown to the drowning man. Capitalism is the ship that plucks him from the water. One might argue that Mr. Gates would serve mankind better by building more boats than tossing more life preservers, but it's certainly true that their are drowning men in need of rescue. Both means are good and necessary.

    The thoughtless and clueless proponents of the signage that prompted these comments, seek to both disparage the man and callously (and hypocritically) ride his coattails for publicity. There are many words for that, my choice is despicable.

  17. Oh, shut the hell up. I don't see the poster of this image spending every waking second of his/her life weeping over the millions of deaths that occur all the time. People are dying every second of every day, and we only know about the high profile ones. That's the hard truth. So unless you want to travel the world and scour death records and pay tribute to every single person that dies, maybe you should just shut up.

  18. Yeah…. the same could be said about Elvis, JFK, Michael Jackson, etc., etc., and one day it will be said about Bill Gates.. get over yourself.

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