Superman Weds Harley Quinn, DC World Shocked

by Ana Aesthetic
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Geek weddings are becoming super chic. It’s not uncommon to see Darth Vader giving away a glowing Leia to her perspective Han (or Luke in some cases!) and weddings at comic and anime conventions are a growing trend among people who met, and share their fondest memories at those events. But not all affairs have to be a blown out geek-extravaganzas, as in the case of Jessica and Jonathan Carroll, who blended their love of DC comics with a truly lovely wedding display. You just wouldn’t expect to see the Man of Steel marrying one of his best bud’s arch nemesis.

Jonathon Carroll and his groomsmen were decked out in the finest Krypton robes this side of the yellow sun. According to Jessica, they had purchased the bodysuits from Rivers Edge Dancewear, and Jonathon took the time to make the robes himself. The iconic House of El “S” logo was produced by Wildwood Studios based on the symbol from the Superman Returns film.

Jessica would not be denied being the blushing bride in white, and opted for a beautiful wedding gown that she chose because it reminded her of Neo Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon. “My dress was not geek inspired per-say, as I wanted a traditional look, however my colors for the wedding were based on Harley Queen (red and black) and my bouquet was red flowers with white bounce pearls to represent the pompoms of Harley’s collar and hat. My garter was superman colored with a small S logo on the bow. My engagement ring itself is based on the Harley Quinn diamond pattern, red rubies for the main diamonds and black diamonds around the edge.” Jessica also had her bridesmaids dressed in red and black, befitting the Clown Princess of Crime’s favorite (and best!) color scheme.

Fellow super hero costumer, and Wonder Woman, Margie Cox made the groom’s cake. The wedding cake was a gift from the Groom’s mother, complete with Superman and Harley Quinn toppers.

It’s easy to go over the top on any wedding, but this nerdy nuptial shows how you can still stay classy while having fun with your favorite fandoms.

If you’re looking to plan your own geek-infused wedding, here are a few things that might inspire you:

[Photo Credits: Bryan Humphrey, Grace Moss, Mark Shafer and Santiago Velasquez.]

17 Responses to Superman Weds Harley Quinn, DC World Shocked

  1. Awww this is cute. Reminds me of when hubby proposed to me in game on Halo 2. We met when I joined a clan on Halo 2 that he was already a member of. One day, we went into a private game on Backwash (yep, I remember the map's name lol) and he in all his Master Chiefy glory, got down on one Mjolnir clad knee and asked me to marry him. It was perfect! <3

  2. Leila, as being the bride herself, I assure you I did not feel like a dork. I loved that he married me in Kryptonian robes and it was a perfect wedding :-D

  3. What beautiful pictures! Congrats to groom and bride. :) I'd love to have a geeky wedding, especially something LoTR inspired (I love Arwen's dresses :D and men in leather = yummy).

  4. I can't even Express how bad this makes Harley Quinn look. It's bad anough the Video game line has ruined her, turned her into an annoying Scene girl. And how she is marrying her rival….makes no sense….but okay.

  5. people are so quick to judge and so quick to assume without any prior knowledge.
    How sad.
    Beautiful wedding and exactly what BOTH the bride and groom wanted.

  6. I really don't think this is a geeky wedding worth being featured on a blog. There's no denying there are geek elements, and the happy couple is allowed to celebrate their love however they wish – but when you start trying to convince others that it's an affair worth gawking at, you have to put your money where your mouth is. And this one fell flat. Perhaps the pictures don't accurately tell the story of the day? It just feels like there's something missing. This whole post comes off very self serving – I imagine the bride or groom is friends with someone on staff, or submitted the wedding themselves? The groom and his groomsmen look great, but to say that the bride's ensemble was in any way Harley Quinn or Sailor Moon related is a bit of a stretch. And the cakes look tacky. Kudos to them for tying the knot and incorporating some of their favorite characters in the process, but I don't see anything about this wedding to make it blog feature worthy.

  7. J & J:

    You guys are awesome. The cretinous yahoos who are nay-saying the most important day of your lives more than likely have other issues than being condescending for the sake of being condescending. There's always going to be people who are unhappy when presented with others who are happy.

    My lady and I are going to have a commitment ceremony with a Doctor Who theme for ourselves and the attendants. The theme is totally optional for our guests, the number for which is not going to escape two digits. And you know what? Don't care. There will be people there who will turn up their noses at the "absurd nerdery and/or dorkery" (bonus points if anyone calls us "geeks"). There will ALSO be those who are also Who fans and want to dress accordingly. Geeks of the world unite.

    All the best wishes and luck to the both of you!

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