WTF: French Star Wars Disco Ballet [Video]

Yep, I believe WTF is indeed the proper abbreviation to use to qualify this.

[Via Unreality Mag]

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  1. WTF !!!
    I'm french , and i don't want that the France be represented by this ><
    This vidéo have been taken when i wasen't born (i'm 14) ^^
    But that's so fun :D

  2. Here is an another one. The lyrics are something like

    "up there, into the stars
    the war is going through like a sun
    Up there, the iron s'emballe ( ?? (sorry can't translate the concept)
    The rockets spit bright red blood…

    For you, men and beasts took arms again
    For you they will go through the night
    For you, from the furthest deserts and seas, are going everyone who fear hasn't seduced

    Up there into the star
    In the pale night far from the sun
    Up there the sky ignites, with gold and flames, the new wars

    Up there, close to the border of hope
    we can see a metal brain glowing
    One huge black cape and a mask without expression
    The sword of Light is with him (sword of light IS NOT the way we say lightsaber in french)

    This is such a pity, but hey, that was 40 years ago right ? They tried to make money with what made money at this time….Can't blame them

  3. Frenchy to, I'm done guys :X

    I don't know who made the remix, but it's used in the introduction of Star Wars Rebel Strike on Nintendo Gamecube

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