Woman’s Face Made of 500 Faces

Though the headline seems a bit serial-killerish, the actual result of artist clickflashwhirr’s portrait made up of 500 self portraits is creepy/awesome.

The digital composite was done by Tiemen Rapati, who explains he “simply [counted] the individual RGB values for each pixel and for each portrait, and [divided] those values by the number of portraits.” The result is a slightly hazy, easy on the eyes, year-plus amalgamation of a woman. It’s dreamlike, but unsettling to think the face we’re looking at here never really existed.


via Gizmodo


10 Responses to Woman’s Face Made of 500 Faces

  1. There must have been a lot of women with some facial feature right next to their nose, because the composite has it quite clearly.

  2. When completely different people's faces are mapped into one, thus identifying what they have in similarity, it's called an Eigenface (paraphrase on Eigenvectors/Eigenvalues – math functions which create the composite). This is 101 in face recognition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eigenface
    If you were to create a color Eigenface from a lot of very similar people (e.g. caucasian girls of college age), you should arrive to a true "500 faces average", and studies have shown that indeed average IS perceived as "beautiful", even if none of the participants are particularly "model-material". You can also take a different approach and just borrow facial parts from individuals. Human face doesn't really have 500 features we readily identify, so only 5-10 girls would suffice to make a gorgeous composite: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aimi_Eguchi

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