New Technology Changes Brown Eyes to Blue Permanently

Got brown eyes but want them blue? Unfortunately, you can’t do this right now, but soon, thanks to Lumineye technology, changing the color of your eyes could be as easy as counting to 20… but only if you have $5000 to spare.

[Via TechEblog]


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  1. Eyes are the window to the soul, so why not fake their appearance to go along with your shallow soul!
    Seriously though, very cool tech, very stupid reason given.

  2. I hate brown eyes, and I'm glad that my husband and I have no chance of spawning anything but blue-eyed children.

    Blue is recessive and will eventually die out anyway. Might as well find a way to fake it.

    • Recessive != Receding.

      Blue eyes have as much chance of dying out as any other colour. Recessive just means that hybrid blue/brown genes presents as brown. In order to be dying out, it would have to be less likely for the blue-eye GENE to be passed on.

      • It is becoming less common with each generation. So yes, it's disappearing. As we become a more globalized society, it'll be even moreso.

  3. That is really cool tech indeed, but yeah. The reasoning is bullshit. As a blue-eyed person, I can promise it's not all that special…. Plus, I'm a sucker for brown eyes. The thought of spoiling them forever makes me sad.

  4. I wonder if there are any hazardous side-effects to burning off that layer of pigment. I can imagine those irises being very weak when exposed to sunlight :/ I would actually consider getting this though, my brown eyes don't really stand out with my black hair and olive skin haha x.x

    • I'll tell you that: natural green/blue eyes already suffer enough on sunny environments so I would expect this to be even worse!

  5. I agree with Bethany, he says the pigment NEVER COMES BACK. That must be some serious hate for brown eyes. I love brown eyes, they come in so many beautiful shades just like any other color of eyes. I don't see why you would want to take away something genetics gave to you. Why not just go to the eye doctor and get some blue contacts? Sheesh :P

    • Not that I am endorsing this procedure but for what it's worth, contacts can be very uncomfortable, expensive, and quite damaging to the eyes. It cuts down on oxygen flow and can cause blood vessel problems around the iris (i had this and it is not uncommon – or, well, it wasn't as of about 7 years ago, maybe lens technology improved since then). As someone who wore contacts for 10 years until I got LASIK, I would never recommend anyone wear contacts purely for cosmetic reasons more than once in a blue moon just for fun. Never for a more 'permanent' change in appearance.

  6. It's cool that this is possible, but I hate the idea of people doing it. I love brown eyes. Plus, light colored eyes are more sensitive to the sun and more likely to go blind than darker ones, so these former brown eyed people might be trading in stronger eyes for ones they think are prettier.

  7. I love my brown/hazel eyes, but I think it would be super rad to change just the bottom or top half of each eye to blue to give a mixed color effect.

  8. I love my brown eyes. I think they are beautiful. Blonde hair and blue eyes is soo 1990. Move over Barbie, we dark haired, dark eyed goddesses are coming through! ;)

  9. Next step, using the laser to make patterns in the iris so that you have blue lines making up whatever pattern you want…

  10. cool, but like the others I love my brown eyes and those of others. ever looked into them in the sun? :) beautiful. I like all eye colors but they have to go with your skin and hair.. lots of people I seen obviously have contacts on. but this is a PERMANENT change according to them, with questionable side effects, so anyone interested has to think long and hard about it.

  11. It looks like it changes according to where the laser strikes. This means is should be possible to get custom patterns done on your irises. Want Celtic knotwork irises? Go for it!

  12. jee wizz wot next?I think experimenting with other cosmetic procedures is risky enough-i dont think that jeopardising your eyesight is worth the experiment-afterall we are now seeing how in this pathetic world of silicone enhancements etc lives are being claimed and people exploited-sometimes i wish we were back in the days of saddles and horses and farms

  13. colored eyes do stand out quite a lot, i would have loved to have different color other than brown. i mean it's ok, though it's too dark and extremely common. this seems extremely dangerous, even though it's in it's test phase along the lines (down the years) a person might need eye surgery or could just possibly be blind all together. i'm not a fan of blue eyes though i would have loved to be born with green eyes. *sigh ~ i can only dream,

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