Bayhem: The Infographic that goes BOOM!

Michael Bay is an American film director (as if you couldn’t already tell by the baseball cap, headphones, and huge American flag) known for his huge-budget, fast-paced, explosively explosive films. Critics around the world are united in their distaste for his films, yet they continue to earn boatloads of money both at home and abroad. This infographic by Jeffery Frankenhauser takes a look at what his films are about and why they keep making so much damn money.

[Via Geek Tyrant | Inforgraphic by Frankenspace]

One Response to Bayhem: The Infographic that goes BOOM!

  1. That people want to see things blow up should be self-evident given the success of mythbusters…

    Anyways, i can not look at the gross revenue graphs without being reminded of the hollywood accounting involved that likely made all those movies show a net loss.

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