Spectacular Science: The Lifecycle of a Mushroom [Video]

Thomas Beg‘s super-informative and eerily familiar short animation, Spectacular Science: The Lifecycle of a Mushroom, is admittedly “inspired by 1920’s animation such as the Silly Symphonies series and other early Walt Disney shorts.” But it goes a bit further than Mickey’s steamboat trip downriver–this little animation is packed full of information about the lifecycle of Amanita muscaria, the common toadstool. My favorite part is the snake-charmer nod during the basidiospore sequence.

Spectacular Science is a collaborative project between the University for the Creative Arts & the University of Kent which aims to provide a wide audience with access to scientific knowledge and support the education of students in science subjects.


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  1. Mushrooms are so weird! I only recently started liking them and all I could think of is "Please don't let this video do anything to make me hate mushrooms!" but it didn't. PHEW. Close call!

    Also, I feel stupid after watching this video. The only way I had any idea of what they meant in their text was by their fancy pictures. ^^;;

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