Quick and Easy Costumes for the Lazy Geek

You procrastinated and now you have like zero hours to make a costume. That’s ok–the Internet has a wealth of ideas for getting something together quickly and cheaply. And most of these are fun and meme-ish, so your geeky friends will know what you’re supposed to be.

Best Halloween costume ever? NOPE, Chuck Testa. For the ladies: Sexy Chuck Testa. Check out this and other meme costumes on the cheap at Nerve.

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg said he’d only eat an animal if he’d killed it himself? Yeah, that’s sort of old news now. But if you have to have a costume to get free drinks at the party, this one’s pretty easy. Check out Animal Killer Zuck and 11 other geeky, last-minute costumes on DViCE.

Just about everyone has an old iPod lying about, and even on limited time and funds you can probably find a piece of colored foam board. Dress in black, borrow some paint, stick that board to your back and go. Check out this and a few other (ridiculously) easy costumes for tech geeks.

Bathrobe. Towel. Boom, you’re a sci-fi icon. It doesn’t get much simpler (or more comfortable or warm) than an Arthur Dent ensemble. And you’ll know immediately who your hoopy frood friends are–but just in case, tuck a Kindle in your pocket (or a copy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, if you have extraordinarily large pockets) and hitch a ride to the party. And for your pals, check out these other super-easy, probably free costumes from Wired.

Bad Staffer is going as DariaAny other great suggestions, Geeks? 

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