Cool iPad2 Halloween Costume: Gaping hole in torso [Video]

[GaS] reader Mark just sent in this great video he shot on how he made the Holloween costume he wore yesterday night at a party using 2 iPads and a little fake blood.

I went to a Halloween party tonight and had tried out my costume idea of using 2 iPads with a Facetime chat to make it look like I had a huge hole in my stomach. Everyone was seriously going nuts and 2 people said it was “the coolest thing I’ve ever seen”. I thought your readership might appreciate it especially if they still don’t have a costume ;)

This idea is 100% original as far as I know and I came up with it as soon as I saw the iPad2 had Facetime.

Thaks Mark!


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  1. a) The iPads are not even directly across from one another, so there's a crooked hole that's somehow still staring straight in each direction. b) He should have turned the screen brightness down so he doesn't also glow in the dark. c) If he spent that much money on two iPad 2s, why did the rest of his costume look like such crap?

    It may have been a good idea, in theory, but then that means he would have also had to use his REAL imagination aside from the iPads…and we all know that Apple fans have no real imagination.

    #AppleSucks #PCFTW #AndroidFTW

  2. All you need is two iPads! Might be more realistic to use two iPhones instead.

    I agree with some of the things Matt Martinez said, other than the hate aimed @ apple. Y u mad, bro?

  3. This was done on back in 2008 – 09. This one even has the same coloured shirt with blood splatters. It didn't use ipads/iphones but a cheap camara with a 4" screen.

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