This totally awesome TARDIS teapot was designed by Etsy user Rebekka Ferbrache. The teapot was initially made as a special request, but Rebekka is now offering it up as a made-to-order item.

This functional stoneware teapot is made entirely from scratch – no molds or pre-made components are used. Like my Tardis Banks, the Tardis Teapot is made from many pieces, which I cut with precision from thinly rolled-out slabs.

The handle and spout are added after the main body of the teapot is built. I love the curvy-style spout – so much more British, don’t you think? The handle is solid and substantial. The weight of the teapot is not too heavy, but this is not a dainty piece of dishware!

But Rebekka, you forgot to mention the most important part: Is it bigger in the inside? :)

[Tardis Teapot]

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