10 Worst Comic Book Animated Series

The fine folks over at Newsarama are not all negativity.  This list actually followed a more positive “10 Best” list.  But we all know that the crappy stuff is a lot more fun to remember.  I hadn’t seen a lot of these bad boys, but now “Fred and Barney vs. the Thing” is definitely on my list.  I remember the Swamp Thing show, but I don’t remember it being bad, probably because I was a youngster and therefore pretty dumb.  Speaking of dumb…I really want to see that Black Panther show.

What would you say is the worst cartoon in recent memory?



4 Responses to 10 Worst Comic Book Animated Series

  1. Fred & Barney Meet the Thing: Test pilot Ben Grimm, in a botched attempt to become human is transformed into a teenage boy who can transform into the Thing using his "thing ring." And, although an adult stuck in a teen body he immediately gets sadled with teenage insecurity and the hots for "older", but still teenaged Kelly, making this one of the squickiest kids' cartoons out there.

  2. Easy answer, but I’m sure I’ll get some flack for this. Pokemon… rediculus, and Dragon Ball Z (I actually like the show but most of the time you expect to see a fight and you just watch the characters power up). Then the inevidiable anouncer says ” Will trunks defeat the mighty [insert insanely stupid anime villian here] stay tuned? Before the bashing starts, I love anime but those shows just blow.

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