Rockets in a Vaccuum? Preposterous!

Here is an op-ed posted by the New York Times, published in 1920, completely slamming Robert Goddard’s silly idea that rockets might work in a vaccuum.  I often wonder what ideas we think are downright dumb in this day and age that will bring a chuckle (or whatever the cyborg equivalent is thereof) to future-people.

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8 Responses to Rockets in a Vaccuum? Preposterous!

  1. Opinion pieces on scientific fact. I am so happy that we are beyond this sort of thing in this day and age.

  2. I'd like to point out that the absurdity of this article should have been clear to anyone familiar with physics even in the 1820s, much less the 1920s. As far as I know, Newton's Principia Mathematica should have cleared this up over two centuries before this article was written. The writer seems to have fundamental misunderstanding of even contemporary physics; he might as well have been saying that th rocket wouldn't get far because it would run into the celestial sphere.