Inside a Redbox Machine

Coooooool.  Where’s the part that lets you watch instantly?  Oh wait, that’s Netflix.

via Reddit


11 Responses to Inside a Redbox Machine

  1. Bummer… I thought it might be a DVD/CD library for a home theater system or data storage server… alas it is only a vending machine.

  2. Pretty cool, I like seeing stuff like this. I've never bought a Red Box DVD, do each of them have a bar code or RFID tag so that the machine can sort them when you drop it off and know where they are?

  3. Nobody is being particularly clever by pointing out that a hard drive could do this job better. Yeah, so?

    Take a look at the very clever mechanical engineering that's going on inside this machine, it's a very elegant and clever design. Appreciate it on that level, and quit being such a tech-snob.

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