LOL: Terra Nova Guns [Pic]

For those of you who’ve watched Terra Nova so far, you’ve probably all seen the gun pictured above, right? Well geeks, do you have any idea where this gun really comes from? Behold:

Now that’s actually cool and unsettling at the same time. A show that has a $20 million budget uses Nerf guns as props? Yep, that is indeed a great way to save money to put on much more important aspects of the show.



15 Responses to LOL: Terra Nova Guns [Pic]

  1. The only thing I've noticed them spending any real money on is sets. It certainly isn't the writing, special effects or actors XD

  2. Still the coolest weapon to weapon is the Sterling to E-11 blaster rifle. (Stormtroopers, Star Wars) I could so imagine myself to walk around and shoot randomly, it wouldn't even scratch anybody as in the movie. :D

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