Imminent Death: Googling Your Symptoms vs Visiting a Doctor [Picture]

Those of you who, at one point, thought they were going to die after Googling their symptoms raise your hands…

*Editor raises his hand in shame.



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  1. *raises both hands and feet in shame* lols, honestly, whenever I google for symptoms and read through the list of diseases, I feel like everything is applicable to me. Which isn't really a good thing to deal with if you're like me, who thinks too creatively.haha.

    • Well, you're not 'that' different from other people.
      And why do all the effort to visit a doctor if you can Google the results? – apart from the fact that the doctor is a licensed and trained professional xD….

  2. Ah, military doctors are really bad about this. There's a running joke that you could go in bleeding and missing a limb and a military doctor would just say, "Here's some Motrin, take the day off." (Motrin is also called "Vitamin M")

    But, yeah, if you REALLY want to know what's wrong, it's better to go a doctor. Even if all they do is prescribe "Vitamin M". ;)

  3. lol soooooo true about military doctors. used to have to go all the time about my knees, and occasional sick call. they got sick of seeing me, and motrin doesnt do shit, even the f**king 800 mg, annoying…

  4. Pretty Simple really:

    Military Doctor: Here's some Motrin

    Internet Forums: Sounds serious, you might want to get that checked

    Regular Doctor: Let me write you another prescription

    Google: Sounds serious, you could die

    WebMD: Holy shit! You're all going to die!

    RENT: Everyone has AIDS!

  5. As many times as I thought I would die though, I have to admit: there have been a lot of times where Google has been more correct about my ailments than the doctor. (No, I don't have tumors, cancer OR AIDs.

  6. Ive been guilty of this, a few years ago i did benefit from using google instead of going to a doctor, i was deficient in certain vitamins which was causing my some agonising pain, self diagnosed, bought the vitamins and sorted the problem myself.

    This week though, on wednesday morning till this morning, i was convincing myself that i was probably gluten intolerant, even went out and bought gluten free bread yesterday (not very nice bread) but just before lunch today i had a chat with myself and snapped out of it, i probably just need more exercise, lol

    Doctors can be wrong, and lazy, but googling symptoms can make it too easy to scare yourself.

  7. A few years back I started getting some severe pain in my lower back/kidney area. It shot straight through to my lower abdomen. It persisted for a week or two and would periodically become insanely intense. Google told me it was a kidney stone. Doctor said it wasn't a kidney stone and that it was just back spasms and prescribed some high dosage ibuprofen. A week later guess what I passed in my college dorm, a freaking huge razor sharp kidney stone. Stupid &$#%ing doctors… I've never been so pissed off in all my life.

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