Crap IT People Have to Deal With [Pic]



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  1. I don't like my work's IT. Whenever they fail at their job I start making up imaginary problems to get my subtle passive aggressive revenge. This is one I'll definitely remember. My favorite was when I put the keypad in alphabetical order and then claimed it was broken because when I pressed "a" it kept typing "q"

    • You make their job harder… then wonder why they don't have time to do the actual stuff properly and fail at it?

      • They fail at it with or without the proper time. Take for instance last month when they installed five new computers and simply imaged hard drives from our existing computers. Considering the new ones had upgraded hardware, they couldn't figure out why we were putting in tickets every day for things like having no option, but 800×600 resolution (which doesn't work so well when its a dual monitor set-up)

        • Glad you aren't my user. I would make sure you lost some very important data or maybe even showed up on some security audit for kiddie porn. Careful who you screw with.

    • lol love it but be warned if they were good at their job they would know how to adjust your keyboard settings so you would end up having to type with that alphabetical keyboard

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