Pop Culture Chart of the Fantasy Realm

Finally! I’ve charted the very first accurate map of the entire fantasy world.

Nerds will rejoice! …Or become enraged!

[Via Dan Meth]


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  1. Hmm…. Not too sure how want to react to this one… I don't typically get outraged over something, unless it's going to impact me personally, and since this doesn't, I'm fine. Yet, I can't quite pull myself to praising it, if only because you didn't include the map of the world of the Wheel of Time. Then again, that world has been fairly well charted, and just the area the main characters know about covers more area than seems to be shown(not sure on exact scaling of this map, so…). And, on the the other hand, you did include Utopia, Dinotopia, Avalon, and Lilliput, so there's some fantastic points right there. On the whole, I think I like it.

    • I was going to mention the same thing. Of course, there's a lot of other fantasy worlds that aren't on there as well. There are also some worlds that are more science-fiction than fantasy in there as well. (Dinotopia is one example.) Some of them, like Lilliput, really aren't fantasy worlds either since Gulliver's Travels was written as a metaphorical satire rather than as a fantasy novel. There's some places that are missing their contemporary partners as well, such as Guilder missing Florin. (Florin should also have a south-eastern shore instead of a mountain range. Where's the Cliffs of Insanity?!?)

      While it's kinda cute to fit together other people's maps, it really doesn't do much as far as things like cultural or environments are concerned. With a bit more thought given to the worlds being collected, instead of just the shape of the maps, this could have been impressive. As it is, it's just kinda 'meh'.

  2. this project would be better videogame focused I think, or even a starmap with different solar systems would probably be more accurate considering how "magical" some of these places are theres no way they don't know of eachother

  3. …Thra? What is Thra?

    Also, how is it that Whoville is a providence in Middle Earth? And how is Solla Sallew that close? It's supposed to be far-off, isn't it?

  4. Yeah… missing a LOT of places from a lot of books. But, if we attempted to put all fantasy lands into one map, we'd need one helluva map. It works for what it is.

  5. and no one mentions Vvardenfell or Cyrodiil, i personally thing that the elder scrolls would be towards the top of the list that shoudl have made it, or is no one else that big of a geek

  6. This is pretty sweet. Although I have to be nit picky because I'm a Nerd and Geek, where is Cyrodiil and Azeroth?! Really, how could you leave out the Elder Scrolls and World of Warcraft? :P

    Otherwise this is pretty nice.

  7. If you're going to go with a video game theme then Albion should be in there too though that's really just an old name for Great Britain.

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