Geeks According to Sony: How We Get Girls

Sony Europe has launched a webseries apparently intended to celebrate geek culture along with Sony gadgets.  Because, you know, geeks like gadgets.  They also can’t talk to girls, and probably wear pocket protectors.

So if this is what we know about geeks, and we also know about girls, I wonder what geeky girls are like. Pink, sparkly pocket protectors?

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  1. Hell I find it just rude, one that shit would be set up first, two, there would be food, geeks love to eat, and 3 geeks never play music that loud, we love to talk, you cant talk over music that loud

  2. I wish I could say I am shocked, but this is the kind of stereotype geeks, nerds, dorks and dweebs have received for some time. I can't believe I watched the entire thing hoping that there was a shining moment at the end. I went in with low expectations, and those were even too high. *golf clap to Sony*

    • But it's not really.
      The stereotypical geek is amazingly handy with all things electronic, and would have had that set up and stealing bras from the house across the street within minutes!

      It's like the response to the brief was "We're not stereotyping at all. Look! They're not technologically adept losers, they're just complete retards dressed by the local church group!"

    • Couldn't have said it better myself [2]…

      Just can't believe I wasted my time watching it all, I can't believe either that this is a real ad, I mean.. going on TV and such.. makes no sense at all for me.

      Nice job, Sony, u.u

  3. Who the %#^$ uses XLR cables for a home stereo system? Did that bug anyone else? Unless he is an audio professional who wants the people down the street to hear, he wouldn't even be using those. And if he was a professional audiophile, he probably wouldn't be having issues getting things setup!

  4. Looks like Sony's been watching Revenge of the Nerds too much. I'm far from whatever they tried to portray right there and I am very happy to be a geek and a nerd. Simplicity is one of the nerd's strengths too. They should get with the times and hopefully do something right on their "episode 2"… if they do make one.

  5. They may look like the guys from Revenge of the Nerds but any of them could have gotten that sound system working–and at least talked to girls even if they did still leave.

    This is an insult to both geeks today and our forerunners. Sony, I am disappointed in you.

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