Sasquatch Discovered in New Warmer Locale [Pic]

Seems climate change has forced Bigfoot away from his traditionally chilly home; the elusive (but totally real) beast of legend has had to resort to extremes, apparently, as he was recently spotted strolling along the surface of the Sun.

See? Alan Friedman snapped this shot of an oddly familiar-looking solar prominence.

[A] prominence [is] an eruption of ionized gas off the surface of the Sun, guided by the twisting and churning solar magnetic field. Prominences can take all sorts of shapes — even angels and dragons — as they launch upward and fall back down to the Sun’s surface.

Don’t see Sassy? Here:

Haters gonna hate. If you’re interested in solar activity, check out our [GaS] Science Class on the topic.



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  1. Someone has to say this, and I’m not trying to troll, but if this wisp was in the shape of jesus, how would the religious community be reacting?

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