Incredible (and Geeky) Doctor Who Tattoo [Pic]

We post a lot of geeky tattoos, it’s true, but sometimes we see new things we haven’t run before. That’s where Sexy Geek Heather-kay comes in. She was perusing our collection of pop culture body art and realized that there are no Doctor Who tattoos here. It’s ok, though, she’s got this handled:

Fear not, I have one for you to add to your vast collection!
Done by Lynn McNew at Almighty Studios in Belleville, IL on 10-7-2011. My 7 year old and I share a HUGE passion for Doctor Who and he helped design the piece.

We think this is about as perfect as a TARDIS can get as far as tattoos are concerned. If you think you can top it (or if you have other amazing art you’d like to share with us) email you pics and a short note to amcrezo.GAS [email protected] (Sorry!) :)

Thanks, Heather!