Mindwave + Arduino = Mind-Controlled Car [Video]

B-Reel is not playing around, even though, technically, they are. The production company has rigged up one of those things we thought we’d have in the year 2000: mind-controlled toys.

Using a Mindwave headset for measuring brain activity, an Arduino unit and a Processing script, a team of developers managed to hack together what you see in the video below. To move the car, you concentrate, and the car stops when you lose concentration.

This Scalextric slot car setup is controlled by the wearer of the Mindwave headset, but it’s a little tricky. Apparently Eric here was the one guy at B-Reel could get it to work properly, but reading seems to help (as it always does, Geeks). Check it out in action:

If you want to put your own together, there’s a great write-up here from B-Reel’s UK creative director Riccardo Giraldi.



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  1. I swear: i see "import"; I'll shit myself if this guy wrote a driver in one of these shitty .NET languages….
    Of course, there's Java which isn't .NET based. Either way….
    Why would ANYONE write drivers in a platform dependent language. Makes no sense, really.
    Or perhaps i am speaking for myself. I, though, seriously doubt he wrote or even produced any of these things.

    He looks (The guy with the "stuff" on his head) like a student on a college/University, contrary to one that ACTUALLY is capable of Hardware/Software Engineering.

    And by that, i am implying that: their enthusiasm is rather "fake";

    • Hi Franck Peter,

      the "guy with stuff in his head" is a very young and talented designer working at B-Reel that accepted to test the mind scalextric in first place.

      The experiment uses processing, an Arduino sketch and a custom designed electronic circuit. And to be honest I am surrounded by many young talented people who have the skills to develop this kind of projects.

      Here you can find the video of the B-Reel's party where among the other installations, the new version of mindscalextric was presented:


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