Feynman on the Encyclopedia Britannica [Video]

As a kid who read an illustrated encyclopedia just for kicks, I’m always happy to hear that a similar pastime was enjoyed by some of history’s most celebrated thinkers. I wouldn’t put myself on par with Feynman, we did both share of love of reading something probably not meant for browsing in our idle hours. Here’s the late physicist talking about his hours spent nose-deep in  the Encyclopedia Britannica with his father.

[thanks, mentalfloss!]


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  1. I fondly remember having two sets of encyclopedias to read from as a child. Indeed I read from them for fun. I would hear something or read something, then look it up, then find myself reading the 15 pages of topics before and after. Unfortunately, children today usually don't read from encyclopedias, nor can they easily be enticed to read subject matter unrelated to their original query. I guess it should be expected from a Jaywalking generation, unable to name the first President of the United States.

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