I’m Going to Miss You Steve [Pic]

Yeah, yeah, I know, that whole “Macs don’t get viruses” story is total crap, but the joke is still cute, so please refrain from starting a flame war in the comments, thank you! ;)



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  1. Too soon. I can see something likes this coming
    from a douche like Jesuz from Gizmodo but here?
    Sorry, I’d have expected you to just wait for some time
    before making jokes like this and no it is not “cute”.
    Just my two cents.

  2. Chinese workers committed suicide in the factories that make Apple products due to the working conditions.

    If there was a heaven (protip: There isn't), Jobs wouldn't be going there.

    • someone's got a tick on their shoulder…
      tbh, if you looked into it, the suicide rate in china is rather high (as is the suicide rate in Japan).
      It's more the living conditions in china that make people suicidal, than anything. hell, would you not be incredibly depressed if you had a fascist government telling you exactly how to live? add to that the worthlessness of the currency and the law disallowing more than one child per family, leading to a large proportion of children being sold for several reasons and I think working conditions have very little to do with things.
      Oh and I'll tell you what else has very little to do with it: Steve Jobs. He wasn't in-charge of worker's conditions! he wasn't even on the right third of the planet!
      Steve would've loved it and i'm sure that, if those chinese workers had understood the culture, they would've too.
      R.I.P Steve.

      • He was in charge of the direction the company was taking. If *I* became aware my contractors were working their employees to death I'd cancel the contract, wouldn't you? Steve didn't.

        • They weren't working them to death. Being worked to death is what happens when you have to work 12 hour shifts for 40 years of your life until your heart gives out on a factory line, coal mine, steel mill, etc. Happens all the time in the states. Those guys COMMITTED SUICIDE. And no, even if my company was directly responsible for their deaths, I wouldn't shut the factory down until I didn't have enough workers to run the place, or until it became so great a liability that it could no longer produce a profit. Wake up and smell the capitalism.

  3. Steve would've loved it. If I die and nobody's making jokes about it on the Internet, I'm going to be really pissed off. Well, I'll be dead, so I won't really know, but still. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. They could've been worse, you know. They could've said that Jobs was going to die again next year just to make this years death obsolete. But whatever.

  4. Steve had an awesome sense of humor. I think hed want up to be happy for what he achieved than be upset and sad by his passing. He was a good man. And don't feel bad for posting a cute joke that reflects on his awesome personality.

  5. That's stupid -_- the rate of virus's are increasing for the Mac OS X system…..

    At the end of the day it's the person between the keyboard and chair that's the problem.

    Either way R.I.P. Steve Jobs, one of the God fathers of the IT world is gone. Bill Gates & Linus are next.

  6. For goodness sake, I wish people would stop talking about 'Too Soon'. He hasn't died, it was Steve Jobs. Have some respect.
    How would you like it if you died and I came to your funeral and started talking about Boffo the Clown?

  7. If you read the reactions to his death, you'll find that most of his friends and co-workers stress the fact that he had an awesome sense of humor.

    That being said, I'm sure he appreciates this from wherever he is.

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