WoW Grammar Troll [Pic]

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  1. Although this is funny, it is also one of the reasons I don't play WoW anymore. So many dicks. Shitting on someone over grammar and spelling in an online forum is ridiculous. No punctuation or caps and using short form like 'u' and 'plz' is common and accepted use. I actually thought it was funnier the guy ended the conversation with 'f u'

      • Neither was yours. No period, no sentence. Again giving someone crap in an online forum for not having perfect grammar or sentence structure is lame. The above troll misspelled 'question' while giving the guy a spelling and grammar lesson. You failed to use proper sentence structure while pointing out my incorrect sentence.

    • "No punctuation or caps and using short form like 'u' and 'plz' is common and accepted use." I think there's a large community who will disagree with you because, among us, it is certainly not "accepted."

      • On this site I totally agree. On WoW chat, it is accepted use. It is the same as typing 'lol' to say something is funny or '/agree' instead of 'I agree with you.' Not using caps or punctuation is also widely used in WoW. Would you correct someone in real life for not using a full sentence of using slang terms? Chat, and many online forums, are informal communications.

      • Neither is 'm3nace'
        So honest question, intentionally ironic? If so well played, if not how many people on forums give you crap for spelling your online handle with a 3?

    • So, you don't play WoW because some people expect the random, unsolicited messages they receive from a complete stranger who is begging for something to be written in proper English? But you have no problem with the a-holes who SEND the random, unsolicited messages begging for something? You are one of the reasons *I* no longer play WoW.

      • What I expect is rather than dicking around the random asshole asking for help you just say no instead of being an asshole right back. My actual point was that apart from 'throught' which was clearly a misspelled word the other guy used accepted typed short form so why give him a hard time other than to be mean? Just being mean to show off how superior you are to someone in real life would be looked down upon. On the internet it is something to be celebrated.

  2. Listening to the most hilarious Homestuck music while reading this made me realize that this guy is a fantastic prankster.

  3. Every time someone goes grammar-nazi i wonder what would have become of the English language, if Shakespeare would have stuck to the rules…

  4. The irony lies in the grammatical errors and the spelling mistake from the so called ‘expert’. That’s the real humour in the conversation.

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