Official Announcement Video for Apple’s New iPhone 4S

Here is the official announcement video for Apple’s new iPhone 4S, which was announced yesterday. Unfortunately, the phone itself looks exactly the same as the old iPhone 4, but the inside has been completely revamped, featuring new and more powerful specs. Check it out:

The new iPhone will be available in stores on Oct 14th. Preorder will start being accepted on Oct 7th and will be available on Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T.

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7 Responses to Official Announcement Video for Apple’s New iPhone 4S

  1. Siri looks really promising. My wife is getting her first iPhone next Friday. I have to wait until my company lets me upgrade.

  2. The thing with apple is that they make silly stuff sound so amazing… Taking a picture with the volume button? Like we didn't have that 5 years ago.
    And seriously, there are Android phones about half a year old that are faster than this one. No wonder Apple doesn't want Samsung to make phones, and tries to stop them through silly patents.

    The iPhone WAS the top of the line, now there are so many better and cheaper alternatives. I just wish the bigger crowd would come to realize this.

  3. Siri does look interesting, But so do Google Voice commands if you watch the video. Voice recog. takes dictation skills more than just spoken word. Additionally everyone has to call everything the same or the database gets too large(Ex. Meeting, Appointment, Lunch date, etc). I truly feel until AI can participate in discussions at conversation speed without sounding well like a robot then these sort of technologies are all going to be hard sells.
    That said iOS5 is pretty cool.

    No HSPA+ or LTE chips makes me kinda sad too. I remember when there was innovation at apple, but now it seems like all they do is make minor improvements on established ideas.

  4. iOS 5 looks promising. Not going to run out and get an upgrade from iPhone4 to 4S right away. Was it just me or was anyone else singing Adele – "Rolling in the deep" … "We could have had it all…" :-)

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