It’s not my fault I lost, because… [Comic]

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    • • Individual lost game, possibily due to a perceived inability,
      • Individual engages in remedial activities designed to save face (whether or not it was due to an actual inability)
      • Individual avoids internalizing the loss as indicative of inability, if lack of skill is the real reason for losing, individual will deny lacking skill setting the stage for future losses.
      • Individual scours the internet for some indication that the opponent may have been cheating
      • Individual contacts friends who have also suffered losses at the hands of the opponent in order to discuss how unfair the opponent is.

      Compare to:

      • Individual makes a claim which is demonstrated to be false, perhaps due to a perceived lack of knowledge
      • Individual engages in face-saving activities
      • Individual denies the falsity of their knowledge and fails to engage in learning activities that would equip them with a more accurate understanding
      • Individual searches google for their precise belief flipping through the first 10-15 hits overlooking disconfirming-sounding sites and eventually clinging to one that does confirm their preconceptions.
      • Individual contacts church, family, friends, other "rationalists" to validate their own egos by listening to their friends tell them how correct they are and how wrong the other person is.

      • You've just outlined liberalism. Sadly, even when presented with this, the very same process would manage to filter out and ignore/refute it.

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