Beautiful Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) Cosplay [Pics]


Check out German cosplayer aigue-marine‘s incarnation of DC’s fifth Batgirl, Stephanie Brown. Pictures by deviantartists ladycallisto and Zonule.


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    • Hey! I happen to be the cosplayer in these pictures and I am actually wearing a wig.
      Would you mind pointing out what you ment with "They can never get the hair right"? I'm curious and looking for constructive criticism. :)

      • I think Dani means Barbara Gordon Batgirl has red hair, and doesnt realise there were many batgirls who of which were blonde :3
        Loving the photo's very professional look can't help but imagine a pile of beaten up street thugs in the distance ;)

        • Aaah!! I understand now. Thanks a lot for pointing it out. :)
          Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like them. <3

  1. Now I have to get my Penguin costume out. And I mustn't forget the cattle prod and the signal whip for the interrogation scene. Then again since it's Batgirl, maybe I should use a riding bat. That's the thing I like about fair skinned girls, they mark up so magnificently. By the time I'm through with you, you'll give up your secret identity.

  2. That was a really great bunch of photos. I saw a couple of Batgirls at the recent NY Comic Con but she was not among them. There was a stronger presence of Wonder Woman and Supergirl but I was not going to argue. I keep these under my Convention Adventures category in the blog for the curious. Either way, this was a great job and it always makes me smile when the fans get so into the part.

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